About My Lesson Service.....

I have been teaching guitar and bass for twenty years. I am very flexible in my methods which are always geared toward the student's goals. I like to offer input on choosing a direct and thorough approach for achieving what you set out to do. Whether you learn just for fun or are expanding your knowledge for professional reasons, my perspectives are sure to assist in your growth.

People pursue music for different reasons. Some guitarists play for personal reward, some are serious hobbyists, and others are professional. This is why my lesson format can be different for each individual. I usually recommend a lesson breakdown of at least three points; music reading, guitar technique, and repertoire. Further, more detailed breakdowns would include theory, composition, performance, and recording.

I will provide house call lessons in the Southern New Hampshire region or at my studio in Nashua. I am available week nights and weekends, if my performance schedule permits. I work with only adults for full hour or half hour appointments. I offer some unique approaches and have had a lot of success with my instruction. Please contact me if you are interested. It is my pleasure to share with you what I know!


My Studio: $15/ half hour $25/hour

House Calls: depends on distance

What students have to say;

"George is a brilliant teacher. His comments are intelligent, backed by years of experience and study. His methods are sound and show results. I would encourage everybody to take at least one lesson from George even if only to see how it's done right! "

Logan L. Gabriel, BM, BA Keene State College


"I have had the good fortune of knowing George as a teacher and a friend for over 10 years. In that time he has proven himself to be one of the most gifted and dedicated musicians that I have encountered anywhere. His playing expresses the combination of outstanding technique and artistic sensitivity that distinguishes a true professional. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study with such a superb musician as George.

David Potts

Royal Academy of Music, London alumnus; jazz guitarist