George was born in Oceanside, New York. He lived there on Long Island for several years until his family moved upstate to Rochester. It was here where he was encouraged musically by his mother who played Classical violin, and his grandfather who was a pianist in the silent movie theatres in New York City in the 1920's and 30's. A love for music came quickly after his parents bought him the Beatles’ Revolver album when he was six years old. The decision to learn the guitar came when he saw the Canadian guitarist Alex Lifeson. Attending a performance by legendary Classical guitarist Andre Segovia was also very inspiring.

Guitar studies began in the teenage years when he became captivated by the passion and history of his instrument. Early studies in Classical guitar were done under Jim Emmond (Keene State College), Louis Arnold (New England /Boston Conservatory), Neil Anderson (New England Conservatory), and Harry Chalmiers (University of Mass. at Lowell). Twenty years as a guitar instructor have led to many different musical endeavors on the Classical, Acoustic, and Electric guitars. Other instruments include Bass Guitar, Sitar, Banjo, Koto,and Keyboard.

After high school George continued his guitar studies and began to teach guitar and bass lessons. This has led to a many years of teaching and performing in the New England area. George now lives in a tiny little apartment in Nashua, New Hampshire and is a full time performer. At this very moment he is becoming one with a search of "The Note". The neighbors don't seem to complain.